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Full Featured All-In-One Stations

Dual Core 3.2ghz 4GB Ram

3-5 yr. Warranty

Solid State Drives

PosReady 7



Easy to Use

Credit Cards - Low rates, let us compare rates to see how much you can save every month!

Gift Cards - In-house with no processing or monthly fees!


Customer Tracking


Security including Bar Spy

Detailed Closeout Reports


Time Clock

Employee and Manager Cards

Menu Easily Expands 

Easy Seat Changing & Transfers

Manager Voids

Detailed Tax Handling


Great for -


Fine Dining

Casual Dining



Night Clubs

Country Clubs

Quick Service

Counter Service


Carry Out


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Order Up Software specializes in restaurant, bar and retail touch screen point of sale, POS, software.  We offer complete point of sale systems tailored to meet your individual needs.  This means we can write specific code per your request;  Usually without any additional charge beyond normal support.  Our software, Order Up POS, is very user friendly and full of valuable features that are 100% touch screen capable.  There are no complicated management screens, it is easy for servers and managers alike.

Since all orders are entered into the system before they are made, losses from employee errors and theft are reduced.  Your employees will save time allowing them to provide better attention to your customers and in return sell more items.  With the employee and manager reports ran at the end of each shift, you will save time and money from payroll and accounting costs.  Best of all, our prices are significantly lower than our competitors.  Be sure to have a look at the Features & Screenshots page.  In addition to the information provided here, we invite you to schedule a live online demo, which will give you a much better perspective of the capabilities of Order Up POS.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

 Many users have told us that our point of sale system is the easiest they have ever used.  Training servers, bartenders, counter employees and management is quick and easy with Order Up POS.  Employees spend less time at the computer, and more time focused on your customers.  With our quick and easy closeouts, you will save time and money on accounting cost and time; your managers and employees will spend far less time calculating totals at the end of each shift.  

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