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Save Money

We can save you time and money. Our system easily pays for itself by preventing theft and saving countless hours by helping you manage your business to your full potential.


Custom Graphics

Some of the screen shots below show customized buttons with pictures.  These pictures can be drawn graphics or actual pictures.  They are easily scaled to fit the button to be as large or small as you would like.  You can combine pictures and text on the same button.

Custom colors can be assigned as button background colors.  These colors can be any color you choose, you are not limited to basic colors.

The fonts can be any type, size or color you choose.

Easy to Use
Training your employees is quick and easy. Many users consider Order Up POS the easiest point of sale system they have ever used.


Credit Cards

Process credit cards easily and directly through Order Up POS software. Just swipe the credit card from main table or ticket screen without need to press a credit card button. You are automatically taken to the credit card screen with the correct amount already entered. Average processing time 1-2 seconds.

Heartland Payment Systems gateway.

Gift Cards

Promote more business by selling gift cards.

Keep costs down by processing gift cards in house.  All you pay for is the cards.  

Keep Inventory of all your food and drinks with our easy to use inventory system.  You can add any inventory item and remove any amount off the inventory when an item is sold.  For example, you can set up a single Italian sausage sandwich to use 6oz. of Italian sausage, 2 slices of cheese, 1 Hoagie and 3oz. of peppers.  Or however you see fit for your restaurant and menu.
Enter cost on purchases and see actual cost of items as price fluctuates.  You can also set an expected price range to ensure you're not being overcharged or to alert you if the supplier has raised their prices.
Track waste or possible theft.

Tell us what you would like your point of sale system to do and we will make it happen.  We have added many features at our customers request for no additional charge.

Employee and Manager Cards

Quickly and easily access your system with Manager Cards, which eliminates the need for passwords. This reduces "shoulder surfing" where an employee could steal your password. If a card is lost or stolen, it can be easily reset or removed from the system.


Floor Plan / Seating Chart

Customize your floor plan to exactly what you would like.  The background is a picture than can be drawn to your liking including special items such as the piano shown below.  Then all you do is add tables and chairs of different sizes and shapes.  The layout below is for Jim's Steakhouse's Bar in Peoria, IL.

Setup multiple floor plans for different rooms. And setup different floor plans for the same room for busy nights or parties where you might have a different layout.  Easily create and save as many floor plans as you like.  

Servers can easily switch between rooms by selecting next or previous room.  The system remembers which room each server was using previously and brings back that room by default.  This is great for different servers working different rooms but sharing the same computer.

Menu Easily Customized
Your food entry screen is customized to your specific needs and wants. Each tab and category is customized to your menu, and you can set different menus for different meals, or times of day. The categories automatically expand as you add more food items.


Menu Items & Prep 
Set menu items to automatically prompt for temperature, sides, salad, dressings and/or food prep. Allow your customers to get exactly what they ordered with our quick prep prompts. On the temperature prep screen you can have quick modifiers such as blackened, charred, etc. It also gives you the option of ordering half temperatures such as R-MR etc. 

Split items into separate sections for 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 toppings. 

Change the quantity of items to add multiple items at once. 

Easily adjust the seat number as you add items for separate checks. 

Our open food option allows for entry of unusual items or special requests that may not be on the menu.

Change Seat

Simply select the item then click on the other seat, very easy to use. Select entire seat in one button to combine entire seats or combine all seats in one click. The quick button seats on the bottom allow for automatic add of seats and eliminate need to scroll back and forth when working a large number of seats. (See screen shot in slide show)

Our software allows for easy transfer of entire table or ticket. This is especially convenient for customers who may have drinks at the bar before being seated at a table. You may also transfer a specific seat or retransfer any specific transfer.
Caller ID
Automatically bring up customer information based on their phone number.
Easily add name and address on the first call and everything will be remembered for any future calls.  Or if you choose, you can just leave the phone number only and base your carry-out orders by this number only.  It's up to you on how you want to handle it.
Great for delivery & carry-out.



We offer fully customized buttons for each drink with its own graphic icon and/or change background and text color (See the screen shots in slide shows). 

Our "Recent Drinks" feature is especially useful to quickly reorder drinks already entered. You can service drinks with all the same prep options previously added in just one click. This not only saves time, it also helps remind the server what drinks the customers ordered.

Drink prep is easy and simple.


Food & Drink Specials

Set daily specials at the beginning of the day/shift or set special pricing for items on certain days with automatically reoccurring specials.


Only give employees the access level necessary for their job, such as Void, Limited, Full or Administrator. Voided items are automatically recorded to help prevent theft. Not only do we prevent malicious actions with tight security, we log and provide you a report of all attempts to improperly access your system.

Manager Voids

 A manager with "Void" privileges may void a specific item, seat or table. This feature is password / manager card protected. In addition to a void ticket printing at the time of void, a full-page void report is automatically printed at close of each shift. This information is also stored in history for future viewing at any time.



You can set tax rates quickly and easily, and even reduce the tax for tax exempt organizations. All taxes are sorted and totaled in your reports.

Reduce Tax
You can reduce the tax on a specific table/ticket for tax exempt organizations. Either apply no tax or for restaurants with city tax, charge city tax only.
Separate State and City tax on report.

Coupons & Discounts

Setup coupons for specific items. Discount flat amounts or percentages.


Customer Tracking

Keep information on customers for carry out and delivery.  Even use to track dine in regulars too.

Pay Outs

Track payouts to bands, misc. receipts and any other payouts you would like to record.

Time Clock

Easy to use with convenient reports and editing capabilities. Various restriction options are available to prevent employees from clocking in too early or prevent employees from clocking in late without a managers approval.


Secure data storage with automatic backups

Instant live replication / redundancy of all your data as it is entered into your system to ensure you will always have all your data even in the event of server failure.  This is not a problem and has yet to be used by any of our clients but the system is in place for a just in case scenario.


Detailed Closeout Reports

The reports provided at the close of each shift allow for management to quickly and easily close out the shift. The samples above are just a few of the many reports available to you. The credit card sales report enables you to easily check the credit tips and sales to correct an employee mistake before a customer might be charged incorrectly. The item report shows you all the items sold during that shift. This report can also show monthly and yearly totals. At the end of his or her shift, each server prints the report labeled sample report. The time clock reports can be ran for the entire pay period, single day, all or one employee. Most all reports can be reprinted from history to view a range or single day from the past.


    If you have any features or reports you would like added to Order Up POS, just let us know. We will gladly do custom programming or create new reports for you.


    Many users have told us that our point of sale system is the easiest they have ever used. Training servers, bartenders and management is quick and easy with Order Up POS. Employees spend less time at the computer, and more time focused on your customers. With our quick and easy closeouts, your managers and employees will spend less time calculating totals at the end of each shift. You will save time and money on accounting and payroll costs. Best of all, our prices are significantly lower than the competition. Call us today to see how we can help your business!


We offer many more features not listed here.

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